What our clients have to say about us

“FoxPlan have been coaching the Hurricanes and the development players on how to understand their money and what they should be doing with it to make smarter decisions throughout their life. Their approach is well received by the boys. We're lucky to have someone like FoxPlan to work with."

Steve Symons
Hurricanes Professional Development Manager

“My biggest fears were where and how to find a good lawyer, bank approvals for a home loan and all the work related to home insurance. Where do you even start? FoxPlan took the time to take me through the steps, page by page of buying a house in NZ. I thought that the advice would rack up a huge fee but it was totally FREE!”

Sokha Nary Huy
Immigrant from Cambodia

“The fact that we managed to purchase our first home in a very competitive market, and have not had any issues with our home loan or insurance services since, is a real testament to the dedication and hard-work FoxPlan put in to meeting the needs of their clients”

Michael & Anastasia Appleyard
Young Professionals

“The FoxPlan team have been great motivators, planners and educators for us. We have gone from simply ‘paying off the mortgage’ to setting and achieving financial goals – even resetting them at levels we only dreamed about a few years ago.”

Brenden Kristensen & Rachael Setter
Home Owners

“We were at the stage in our life where we wanted to get married, start a family and buy a house however we were a bit clueless on how to even get started. FoxPlan helped us build a plan to clear our debt and then put in place some good practices to achieve our goals. We have since achieved all our immediate goals.”

Ropeti & Keiti Taito
Young Family

"I was impressed with the way FoxPlan explained and formulated a succinct plan that included short and long term financial planning for my future security."

John McGregor
Financial Planning