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Most of us are taught to spend, and then think about saving. We find these habits continue throughout our adult life. Habits like this can put financial pressure on us and our families, especially when planning for holidays, birthdays and Christmas.

When the excitement is replaced by stress and worry, then it’s time to make a plan. At FoxPlan, we create a savings plan with clients by:
PrintEstablishing SMART goals – we set dates, we decide on specifics, whatever it may be – we first envision our goal and commit to it mentally.


PrintCompleting an audit of our bank account – how much are we really spending week to week, month to month? What is coming in and what is going out?



Creating a realistic plan based on your situation to get you to your goals as quickly as possible.


Check out the link to our Savings / Investment Slider to see how much you could save 


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7 steps to successful investing & savings

Print1. Goal
What do you want to achieve?

Print2. Options
What options should you consider to invest in / how much should I contribute?

Print3. Risk
How will that handle volatile investment markets/lifestyle changes?

Print4. Implement
Who will help us get started?

Print5. Monitor
Investments/savings monitored to ensure appropriateness

Print6. Review
How often will we meet and know we are on track?

Print7. Other professionals
We coordinate with your accountant or solicitor.


We truly believe that Cash Management and discipline with savings is the foundation of all financial plans. Why not work with our professional advisers to help you understand your current financial position and guide you to your saving goals.


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