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Retirement for many people is the freedom to choose how to spend your time. That may encompass less work, no work at all, travel or time with family. However you plan to spend it, it’s an exciting time that many people look forward to after years of work.

However, “retirement anxiety” can set in throughout one’s adult life. Questions start arising like “how much is enough?” and “is KiwiSaver going to cut it?”. These are very valid questions too. At FoxPlan we will create a retirement plan for you by:










1. Understanding you

What are your expectations and goals at retirement?

Will you continue working and at what capacity?


2. Understanding what you will need

What income would you like at different stages?

Do you have KiwiSaver and is it appropriate?


3. Creating a plan with you so you can live comfortably for 30 years without the stress and worry of ‘running out’.

Will my money last for a 30-year retirement?

Is the income I’ve forecasted sustainable?

Will I have enough funds to achieve the goals that I have set?


We understand these can all be complex questions. Why not start be taking using our Retirement tool below for a quick indication if you’re on the right path.

Find our Retirement Tool Below



Don’t have a retirement plan?