Financial Wellbeing Programme



Why you should consider a Financial Wellbeing Programme for your employees



67% indicated financial stress has distracted them at work


63% believe financial stress has affected their productivity


35% of employees spend 3 hours per week dealing with money issues

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Make a lasting, positive impact on your employees lives by gifting them with a financial wellbeing programme. By taking away the stress of money you will see an increase in productivity, engagement and general happiness in the workplace. See the facts below.

We offer a range of options to suit your business:



Boot Camp 

We can tailor the boot camp to fit your audience, e.g senior executives, project teams or general staff. Our signature programme transforms your organisation by raising the financial literacy of your employees.


Offered as an in-house programme over x4, 45-minute sessions, we take your employees through the critical steps to becoming financially successful.  We cover the following topics:


One-to-One staff coaching

Personal financial education is not something just anyone can deliver. The majority of providers are very good at providing financial information yet have little experience or training in providing financial education.


We meet with your employees one to one and help them gain skills on how to become financially fit, we cut the jargon so they understand what it all really means and we bust the myths around money, budgeting and investing.


In- House Financial Advice

We become your in-house financial resource to your employees, we sit in your office on a regular basis and take the pain away from your HR team.


We help your employees with, savings, money habits, buying a house, paying off debt and preparing for retirement.

  • Simplifying your budget
  • Building emergency savings
  • Understanding retirement contributions and how KiwiSaver really works
  • Credit card, student loan and consumable debt pay down strategies
  • Custom goals, like home buying and adventures
  • Building good money habits and breaking bad ones
  • The back-up plan – no surprises!


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