At Foxplan we work with you to identify your goals and aspirations, our recommendation for anyone looking to grow their wealth with an investment strategy is to start with a plan. From here we will identify, together, investment strategies that will achieve the outcomes you are looking for.

Attempting to invest without first having control of cash management is dumb. Inevitability poor cash management will sabotage any investment strategy. Secondly investing is not about products and returns – it’s about desired outcomes. What’s it for, when’s if for. Who’s it for. When you have financial control and understanding of why you want to invest – a plan can be arranged for the greatest probability of achieving your outcomes.

We want to build a strategy for you that will allow you to measure the income from your investment; this is the key difference between investing and speculating. It is also important to note, that a portfolio is not a plan, a portfolio, is simply various assets (such as shares, bonds, property and cash) diversified and arranged in such a way to achieve a predetermined outcome.

An implementation plan will detail clear steps to achieve your goals, using your identified investment strategies. Naturally, changes will occur and external challenges that could affect the plan will present themselves, so as well as regular scheduled reviews, your advisor will also be available to discuss problems and opportunities as they arise.

Investment options are available to everyone; whether you are starting out or well into forming an investment strategy Foxplan have the experience and expertise to support all investors.

Investments, as with all aspects of planning, are unique and tailored to fit your goals, however we have detailed below some areas, which can assist you to make investment decisions.

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