What do financial advisers do?

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing” – Dale Carnegie

The role of a financial adviser is to sit on the same table as you, to collaborate with you to achieve your goals. They will increase financial literacy by educating and clearly communicating financial jargon so that people can make informed decisions, and delegate other decisions to a team of professionals. This allows people to spend time with their families and achieve their goals, with less of the stress and worry that can come with making financial decisions.

We've created a list of what financial advisers do below. Follow the steps to get an insight of the client journey. 

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1. Current Situation

What is your current situation? Where is your money going and where would you like it to go? Are you spending more than you earn?
Do an audit, in the form of a budget or expense table to see exactly where you money is going. 



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2. Goals

This is the essence of your plan - it's what motivates you. It's what you want to achieve financially and what fun things you would like to do along the way. Think about your short, medium and long term goals, write them down on paper or tell a friend. That way you can hold yourself accountable to achieving them. 




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3. Cash Management 

Not to be confused with 'budgeting' - this is structuring your bank accounts and automating your money to gain control of your cash.
Setting up goal accounts to allocate your money to each week will help you measure if you're on track. 




JourneyBubbles 04 Investment

4. Investment Strategy

An investment strategy will allow you to grow your wealth, build passive income streams so you can work less while your money works harder for you. It will address what investment products or strategies are best to grow your wealth, what the benefits and associated risks are involved. We will educate and facilitate this for you to ensure you can make informed decisions. 




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5. Risk Management

This is the security of your plan - ensuring critical insurance policies and legal agreements are in place to protect you and your loved ones against the unexpected. Included products may be Wills, Trusts, Company Structure, Enduring Power of Attorneys, Personal Insurances.




JourneyBubbles 06 Lifemap

6. FoxPlan Life Map

This is a high level overview of your life, which will back up your tailored financial plan. This Map gives you clarity of your cash management, confidence with investments, and certainty through risk management. It also gives you something to strive towards, in particular the goals that are written by you 





7. Financial Navigation ToolsJourneyBubbles 07 FIN nav

These are tools that help you and us monitor and measure the progress we're making together with your financial plan in achieving your goals. Along with the tools, regular plan reviews will help to keep you focused and shoot for the right goal posts. 





 JourneyBubbles 08 ProTeam

8. Professional Team

Proactively ensuring all your professional advisers understand what you're aiming to achieve. We have preferred specialists that will help to guide you through your life map. Every good athlete has a coach, why not choose yours with finance.  




9. Regular ReviewJourneyBubbles 09 Review

The fundamental part of a plan is in the reviewing of the plan. This ensures the success of the plan by practicing and maintaining good habits.

Now you know what the client journey looks like why not head on over to choose an adviser from FoxPlan. 

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