The importance of choosing a right building team

The construction of a three-bedroom home with an attached granny flat (with two bedrooms) that begun in late May 2017 is progressing very well. Thanks to the builder and his trusted contractors everything is going according to plan and thankfully the cost is well under the initial budget. Surely a nice little saving to treat myself for Christmas.

I used the builder and his team way back in 2011 and since then have recommended the team to many of my clients who speak highly of their work. Every time I drive past the site, it appears to have been kept tidy, something that reflects the builder and his team’s high quality work. Even the surrounding neighbours vouch for their quality of work.



Compared to my previous venture, this time I have decided to create a home and income configuration as this is expected to give me the best return. You basically pay a single insurance and single rate and receive dual income.

The house was originally designed for me and the 2-bedroomed attached unit was for my daughter. However, since my daughter decided to stay back in Brisbane I intend to convert the home into a rental.

When you decide to embark on a house construction project, it’s pertinent that you choose a builder who is committed and dependable. The primary focus should be completing the house within the stipulated time frame with quality intact.

I have come across customers who have had the misfortune of engaging mediocre builders and experiencing disappointing and disrupting construction period of their dream home.

It’s imperative that when you sit down to negotiate with your builders, you must know how to ask the right questions and of course seek advice from those who have previously engaged builders with satisfactory results.

These days it’s increasingly becoming more affordable to build a new house than buy a new one, provided you manage and engage the contractors on your own. You only require a smaller deposit for a new home. In terms of finance, do speak to a broker who specialises in construction loan and they will deal with the relevant banks on your behalf.




Whether you want to design a simple square-shaped house or a complex multi-cornered roofline house, it’s advisable to speak to a builder before you engage an architect. There is no such thing as a per square metre cost.

Based on my personal experience my suggestion to those who are building their own home is that be thoroughly informed of the building process. Don’t hesitate to ask as many questions and the right ones - as someone who is investing the money, it’s your prerogative to ask. Do conduct referral checks plus visit the houses the builder has built prior to engaging them

When you are dealing with a franchisee building company, you do pay a premium because they need to factor in their profit and risks. However, if you are managing the project yourself (like what I am doing), you keep the profits with one downside - you carry the risk.


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