Hedge your bets

Should I buy shares? Should I buy property? Which is the best company to buy in to? 

Do you need a KiwiSaver review?

When was the last time you checked in to make sure your KiwiSaver was heading in the right direction? 

Pay off your mortgage FASTER

Are you haunted by the thought of a 30 year mortgage? 

We've brought in Mark Stone from New Zealand Home Loans to discuss...

How do Shares make money?

How do Shares make money you ask? 

Over time the share market will rise and fall, find out how that movement makes you a return. 

Let's talk life insurance

This week's topic is about Life Insurance. Dean's clients hate the thought of their insurance premiums going up and up. Let's face it no-one likes it when their insurance costs rise. 

Human Life Value

What is your most valueable asset? We believe it's YOU! Find out how to calculate your Human Life Value

Create a professional team

In this video Dean talks about his role as a financial adviser and how he connects his clients with other professionals that are all on the same page. 

A Safe Place to Talk About Money

When talking with your loved ones or your partner, we know that conversations about money can turn sour quite quickly. We've created a Safe Place to Talk About Money .....

Should I pay off my mortgage sooner than the term?

We often meet clients who feel overwhelmed by their sudden debt associated with obtaining a mortgage and the desire to pay it off as soon as possible can be intense.

Free Advice Fridays - Pay Yourself First

This week Dean Blair talks about the importance of paying yourself first, and not your bills.

Free Advice Fridays - Link Your Scoreboard To Your Bank Structure

It's time to link your scoreboard from last week with your banking structure!

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