Introducing Sam Gillespie

This week we're introducing Sam Gillespie. Sam is one of our younger advisers and is mentored directly by FoxPlan veteran, Warwick Walker. Connect with Sam on LinkedIn HERE.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m 21 years old and Wellington born and bred. I went to high school at St Pats Silverstream and I am an avid footballer.

What do you do for your clients?

It’s pretty simple I think. I help younger Kiwis make smarter decisions with their money to set them up properly for the future. That can be through getting insurance in place, reviewing KiwiSaver or putting together a financial plan.

I make sure my clients protect what they’ve already got and get them started with investing.

What brought you in to financial planning?

I figured this would be both an interesting and rewarding career to get into. I always like interacting with people and working as an adviser puts people at the centre of everything I do.

What’s your top financial tip?

Set up an automatic payment to a savings account right away – and don’t touch it for the little things. Getting used to saving starts to build a habit and that habit is what sets up your future.

Want to have a chat with Sam about your future? Send him an email at to get in touch.

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