Building you home is rewarding!

Between now and Christmas four of my clients will be embarking on a house building project while another will be taking possession of their newly built home just before Christmas.

As for a personal project, the home I was building in the northern suburb is approaching completion.

Building your own home can be a truly rewarding experience provided you adhere to the proper guidelines and procedures. When my clients decide to build their dream home, it’s evident that they have a choice in deciding the style, fit outs, kitchen, bathroom and among other aspects of the house.

There are three basic processes that one needs to follow when designing a home; first sketching the design, then developing the design and finally completing the construction drawings. These will then be forwarded to the local council to start the Building Consenting process.

As everyone knows, even though building a home is a rewarding experience the process can be tedious and demanding. If you don’t have proper guidelines to begin with, you might end up with unexpected high cost and unnecessary expenses. One must have realistic expectations too when it comes to having all the features in your dream home. Sometimes it’s not possible to have it all.

Nevertheless building a home is far more cost effective than buying an older/existing home.

Another important detail when it comes to building your own home is finance. Do remember that when it comes to financing, not all lenders are equal. The financing process can be complex.

It is imperative that you speak to your Financial Advisor as they would have the appropriate knowledge in seeking out the best lenders that suit your personal financial circumstances depending on the type of build contract you have.

As the year starts drawing to an end I am looking forward to working with my clients to ensure their house building projects run smoothly without any glitches. On my part I will be checking on their progress on a monthly basis and I wish every one of them all the best.

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