A Better Investment Than Property?

Kiwi’s love property investment, that’s no secret. Last year over 313,000 Kiwi’s filed tax returns that declared rental income from property investment across residential, commercial and rural properties.

For the younger generation in New Zealand however, owning a property to live in, yet alone one for the purpose of investment is a dream that is becoming increasingly more difficult.

At FoxPlan we believe stockmarket investment is the solution for those looking to grow their wealth where property is unobtainable. Most of us are already stockmarket investors through our KiwiSaver but are spooked by the complexities of investing from our own paycheck.

The Returns

Take $10,000 in 1971. If this amount had been invested in NZ property, at the end of 2017 it would have been worth approximately $570,000 – a 9% average return.

If we took this same amount of cash and invested it in global shares however at the end of 2017, our $10,000 would be worth $1.35m – a 11% average return.

Even despite the Global Financial Crisis, multiple oil crises, the Silicon Valley tech boom and September 11, sharemarket investment has managed to outperform property in New Zealand by almost 200% over this 46 year period.

Risky Investing?

All investment involves risk. At FoxPlan we don’t believe in trying to pick stocks or outperform the market, but rather we take a long-term view of investment and market performance. We also recommend investment solutions based on your specific circumstances to take an acceptable level of risk in to account.

As for speculative investment, we make it clear that this should not constitute more than 5% of your total portfolio and what you invest this way – you must be prepared to potentially lose entirely.

It’s Simple

We can set you up with an investment account through our fund managers. Once we have recommended and set up an appropriate investment solution you can then transfer funds from as little as $50 per month.

And unlike property, you don’t need to save a deposit to get started.

If you would like to get your own investment strategy in place, email Warwick Walker to have a chat today.

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