How do I be good with money?

This week FoxPlan Adviser, Aidan Te Wake Hope gives us his thoughts on how to improve your ability with cash.

Introducing Sam Gillespie

This week we're introducing Sam Gillespie. Sam is one of our younger advisers and is mentored directly by FoxPlan veteran, Warwick Walker.

FoxPlan's Spring Investment Update

This week we have presented content from our Monthly Investment Newsletter summarising investment performance over Q3 2019.

The missing piece of the KiwiSaver discussion

Last week the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) released their annual KiwiSaver report with a key takeaway being that of the $57 billion Kiwis have invested, $480 million was collected in fees by KiwiSaver providers last year (around 0.8% of total funds invested).


We find news around KiwiSaver tends to be cyclical – when the discussion in the media isn’t about fees, it goes to performance before coming back to fees again.


Fees and performance are important considerations when choosing a KiwiSaver provider, but we at FoxPlan believe Kiwis are not getting the full picture in the media around the single most critical factor – fund suitability.

Buying your first home with only 5% deposit

The Wellington Region has seen significant growth in house prices over the last five years. Whilst this growth has been great news for those already on the property ladder, the first home dream has started to feel increasingly distant for young buyers.


This week we look at the changes announced by the government that aim to give confidence back to these buyers.

When do I need to start my retirement savings?

This week, FoxPlan financial adviser Richard Renfrew discusses when is the best time to start saving for retirement.

Have you checked your KiwiSaver contributions?

Earlier this year, Kiwis gained the ability to access new contribution rates towards their KiwiSaver fund. In addition to the 3%, 4% and 8% rates of salary, we can now also contribute 6% or 10% towards our fund. A new survey this week, however, has found that only around 6% of people are taking advantage of these new contribution rates.


This week we’re illustrating the difference changing your contribution rate can make over a working lifetime.

Lets have a chat about Money

Last week was Money Week in New Zealand, an annual event designed to raise awareness of financial issues and literacy.


This year it also coincided with Maori Language Week where people are encouraged to speak more Te Reo – to give it a try. Interestingly, the theme of Money Week this year was also about communication and encouraging New Zealanders to talk about money with their taupuhi (loved ones), whanau (family) and tamariki (children).

What would negative interest rates mean for you?

A few weeks ago, Dean spoke on Free Advice Friday about the limits on cash transactions governments across the world are starting to put in place and some of the rationale behind it.


This week we are digging into the detail to ask just what might happen in a world with negative interest rates.

What does the RTA Amendment Bill mean for Landlords?

In 2016, an odd ruling came through the Court of Appeal (CoA) in New Zealand. The court found that two Auckland tenants who had left a pot of oil on high heat unattended (which resulted in the property suffering a major fire) were not liable for any of the costs of damage due to the unintentional nature of their actions.


It has taken some time, but as a result of the CoA ruling, the government has just passed the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) Amendment Bill #2.


This week we look at what the changes in the bill mean for your investment property.

The case for (or against) Cash, Term Deposits or Bonds

This week senior financial adviser and head of investment at FoxPlan, Warwick Walker delves in to whether investing in to cash/term deposits or bonds is really a sound strategy for growing your wealth.

Paul Barnes appointed as new CEO of FoxPlan Ltd

Paul Barnes has been appointed as CEO of Wellington financial firm FoxPlan Ltd.

Income Protection Insurance Vs. ACC

Kiwis are lucky to have ACC in place. It’s a scheme that provides a basic level of assurance when it comes to our livelihoods and its structure means New Zealand avoids much of the personal injury type litigation associated with places such as the United States.


ACC however is limited as to what it covers, and gaps certainly exist. This week we look at why Income Protection Insurance is so important and the differences between it and ACC.

What changes to tax ring-fencing mean for landlords

A few weeks ago, we touched on whether now is a good time to invest in property with changes around insulation requirements and tax law (the short answer – it depends on your personal circumstances). This week we delve further into the detail of the tax changes that affect all investment property owners as of the 1st of April 2019.

FoxPlan's Winter Investment Update

This week we have presented content from our Monthly Investment Newsletter summarising investment performance over Q2 2019.

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