Digital Money

Facebook recently announced the launch of its own digital currency ‘Libra’. Facebook envisions this currency being used to pay for everything including your daily coffee, eCommerce and even financial services.


Facebook are not alone in this space. There are currently over a thousand forms of digital/crypto currency available and this number is only likely to balloon as we progress in to the 21st century.


This week we talk about the implications of digital money for Kiwis.

The evidence for FoxPlan's Investment Philosophy

This week senior financial adviser and head of investment at FoxPlan, Warwick Walker delves in to our investment philosophy and the hard-data that supports it.

Have you checked your PIR?

You have likely heard the news earlier this month that on the back of the IRD’s new tax refund system being implemented, 450,000 taxpayers were identified as paying the wrong PIR tax rate on their KiwiSaver.


Unfortunately for those impacted, any shortfall in tax will have to be paid directly out of pocket as the legislation does not allow for it to be deducted against the remaining balance in a KiwiSaver fund. This will be a most unwelcome surprise!

Have you got a Charity Investment Plan?

New Zealand is the second most charitable nation on Earth and in 2014 we donated over $1.53 billion to worthy causes. Our giving nature is a fundamental part of the Kiwi ethos and we are always happy to pitch in and help when the need arises.


But giving isn’t always easy. Once you are on a donor list there are often follow up appeals and calls for further donations. Trying to verify charities can be a time-consuming task and many good organisations simply do not have the resources to demonstrate the tangible changes that have occurred from your contribution

Lets Talk Trauma

It’s probably fair to say that the range of personal insurance options available to Kiwis is a bit overwhelming. From contents to car, life to income protection, funeral cover to pet insurance and everything between. Being aware of what insurance covers exist let alone understanding what they do is a challenge.


An often overlooked, but potentially life changing insurance cover is Trauma. This week we dive in to explain it.

The Term Deposit Trap

This week FoxPlan founder and director John Killick shares his thoughts on the fear that Kiwi investors often allow themselves to be guided by when making investment decisions.

Explaining Financial Planning

Ask five different people ‘what is financial planning?’ and you’ll likely get five completely different answers. It’s this very confusion that often puts people off the idea of financial planning altogether – so this week we thought we would break down the FoxPlan model of financial planning to the very basics.

A Better Investment Than Property?

Kiwi’s love property investment, that’s no secret. Last year over 313,000 Kiwi’s filed tax returns that declared rental income from property investment across residential, commercial and rural properties.


For the younger generation in New Zealand however, owning a property to live in, yet alone one for the purpose of investment is a dream that is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Dissatisfaction With KiwiSaver Is Rife

Consumer New Zealand have produced their latest KiwiSaver satisfaction ratings and it’s sobering reading for nearly all New Zealand KiwiSaver providers.

On average, only 48% of Kiwis are satisfied with their KiwiSaver provider, down from 52% in 2018.

Some Scary Stats About Health

We live in an age of convenience. Whatever we want, we can have delivered to our doors - increasingly within minutes rather than hours or days. This convenience is useful, we’ve all experienced the struggles of being time-poor so where we can make our lives easier, we jump at the chance.


But does this convenience come at the risk of our own well-being? The latest research from AIA/Sovereign gives us some food for thought.

Group Health Insurance is investing in your employees

Retaining staff is a challenge faced by all Kiwi employers, no matter how big or small. The current employment climate with its low unemployment and rising wages is amplifying the challenge for many businesses as staff review their options and take increasing responsibility for their own career paths.

Welcome To The 2019/20 Financial Year

The first of April brings with it a new financial year for New Zealanders so this week we thought we would cover the major changes around Taxation and KiwiSaver that kick in from 1 April 2019.

Are your retirement savings benefiting the planet?

The horrendous tragedy that took place in Christchurch this month has brought back in to focus the concept of ethical (socially responsible) investing. In the wake of this horrible event, some KiwiSaver funds have chosen to sell their shares in Facebook whilst the NZ Super Fund is set to withdraw from gun investments entirely.

What’s happening in the housing market?

ASB and Kiwibank have cut interest rates to two-year lows, the Auckland auction clearance rate for last week hit a five-month low at 29% and GDP growth is predicted to soften. Yet in February, Harcourts saw sales increase in the Wellington Region by 7%, Christchurch 6.3% and the South Island 2% whilst Barfoot & Thompson saw a 28% reduction in sales in Auckland. The New Zealand property market is acting in a localized fashion that we have not seen for several years, what’s driving these varying levels of performance?

Guide to buying an apartment

When buying an apartment, it’s likely to be one of the largest purchases you will ever make. You’ll will need to talk to your Mortgage Adviser, Lawyer, Valuer, Property Inspector and deal with the Real Estate Agent.


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