New Year - New Goals

Forget the new year's resolutions, let's start setting smart goals to kick start the year. 
Here you'll find a useful tool to make sure your goals go the distance this year. 

What is KiwiSaver?

KiwiSaver is a 100% sensible means on accumulation. It ticks all the boxes of a Savings and Investment plan as a means of creating future investment income. 

We doubt KiwiSaver will every make you rich but it will ensure you are never poor, provided you get the right advice. 

How financial planning works

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. 
It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”


It feels good to be a winner!

We're on cloud 9 after winning the Booster NZ 'Adviser Business of the Year' Award last week.

Well done to all of our advisers and staff for your hard work!

Socially Responsible Investing

One of the really positive aspects of KiwiSaver and regulation has been the attention it has created to a formerly barren landscape of intelligent journalistic investment discussion. For many years’ fund managers, banks, finance companies and insurance institutions have set their own professional protocols and standards. Products and representatives. 

Home and Income Rental Property

It was a memorable moment last week when one of my clients took possession of a home and income. I fondly recalled the time I purchased my first property for rental in November 2002, it was a home and income located in Karori (Wellington suburb).


Building you home is rewarding!

Between now and Christmas four of my clients will be embarking on a house building project while another will be taking possession of their newly built home just before Christmas.

As for a personal project, the home I was building in the northern suburb is approaching completion.

My 2011 house failed the Wellington Rental WOF

When the Wellington City Councillors unanimously approved the voluntary Warrant of Fitness (WOF) for rental properties, I believe they had good intentions. In yesterday’s Dom Post (Wednesday 18th Oct 2017), a story reported that only two landlords have taken up on the offer to apply for a rental Warrant of Fitness inspection.

The importance of choosing a right building team

The construction of a three-bedroom home with an attached granny flat (with two bedrooms) that begun in late May 2017 is progressing very well. Thanks to the builder and his trusted contractors everything is going according to plan and thankfully the cost is well under the initial budget. Surely a nice little saving to treat myself for Christmas.

Achieve your goals with a FoxPlan

Time for a family holiday but need budgeting advice on how to get there? Let us make it happen!

Get the best rates - let us fight for you

How to buy a house the right way.

Talk to an expert

Buying a house & getting a mortgage can be overwhelming right? Our expert mortgage team are here to offer you genuine, professional advice and help make the process easier.

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