Free Advice Fridays - Pay Yourself First

This week Dean Blair talks about the importance of paying yourself first, and not your bills.

What is refinancing (a mortgage)?

Refinancing a mortgage, simply, is taking the loan you hold with one lender and moving it to another lender.

Free Advice Fridays - Link Your Scoreboard To Your Bank Structure

It's time to link your scoreboard from last week with your banking structure!

Free Advice Fridays - Networth

What is a Networth? What is yours and what impacts it? Dean covers it all this week.

Free Advice Fridays - Fixed & Variable Expenses

Following on from last weeks video about bank account structure, Dean talks more in-depth about fixed, variable and spoiler accounts.

How does life insurance work?

If you decide to pay $0, you hold 100% of the risk, or you pay top dollar for the best all-the-bells-and-whistles life insurance and the insurer holds 100% of the risk – or anywhere in between.

Free Advice Fridays - Banking Structures

This week Dean Blair, talks about the importance of having different bank account structures. 

Why do I need life insurance?

Life insurance doesn't just wipe your debts, it also gives your family breathing room to recover together and allows you to support your children long after you've gone

Free Advice Fridays - Setting Up a Goal Account

A goal accountant with an automatic payment attached to it is the first step towards achieving your goals.

Free Advice Friday - Write Down Your Goals!

This week Dean Blair, AFA and Director at FoxPlan shares with us the question he is continuously asked from clients. Where do I start? 

What do financial advisers do?

Make the journey to financial freedom liberating and enjoyable

Free Advice Friday - What's your why?

 Dean Blair will be following on from last weeks video and explaining how important it is for your plan to have a 'why'.

Financial Planning for Parents

Parents shouldn’t lose sleep over having their new baby

Free Advice Friday - Plan vs resolution

Welcome to our first installation of our Free Advice Friday videos! This week Dean Blair explains the difference between a plan and a resolution.

New Year - New Goals

Forget the new year's resolutions, let's start setting smart goals to kick start the year. 
Here you'll find a useful tool to make sure your goals go the distance this year. 

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