10 Commandments


Our 10 Commandments

  1. Teach children to save a little of everything they earn.
  2. Advise people to be frugal.
  3. Share the wisdom of protecting assets especially income producing assets.
  4. Show everyone how a small percentage of their income invested into superannuation leaves them a large percentage to spend, save, invest, gamble or give away.
  5. Give counsel on the wonders of compounding interest – dollar cost averaging – asset allocation and global diversification.
  6. Help those less fortunate get out of a dependency trap and into a lifestyle.
  7. Recommend and refer advisers in financial affairs who have principles of trustworthiness, empathy and service and show long-term results of technical competence.
  8. Warn against charlatans, shysters and short-term focus.
  9. Show how saving gives options, investing creates wealth and money allows choice.
  10. Take your own advice.